Pulled Chicken Salad Sandwich Filling
71.00 Dollar US$


Mound 1 cup of rooster salad on one slice of bread and unfold to edges; place two lettuce leaves over chicken and high with one other slice of bread. Mildly curried and with crunchy walnuts and apples, our mayonnaise-dressed hen salad sandwich i... In a sauce pan add all components on your poached chicken. Cover both with broth or water till there is liquid a minimum of half inch above the elements. Bring to a boil then cowl and lower warmth to a simmer. Poach the chicken for 20 minutes or till cooked by way of.
Place chicken salad on backside of sandwich thin. Top with lettuce leaf; replace sandwich thin high. Serve immediately or https://www.oliviaschicken.com/fr/a-propos-de-nous/ hold refrigerated until service.
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